Astronautics produces a wide variety of airborne computer systems. These include Network Server Systems, Core Processors, Mission and Display Processors, Engine Data Concentrator Units, Signal Conversion Units, Air Data Computers and Flight Director Computers. These computers are installed in military and commercial aircraft. Astronautics Mission Computers fly on board the T-38, AC-130U, F-5, EF-111, Mirage, Kfir, and many other aircraft. Our Network Server applications can be found on the A-300, MD-11, A-400, and many other aircraft. Our Engine Data Concentrators and Interface units have been provided for the E-3 AWACS, C-130, PC-9, UH-1, and many other aircraft. Astronautics has provided the Flight Director Computers for many existing and legacy military aircraft including the C-141 Starlifter, F-4 Phantom, MB 326 (Macchi), UH-60/S-70 Blackhawk, A-10A Thunderbolt, C/HC-130E/K Hercules, F-5E Freedom Fighter, MB 339 (Macchi), S-76, AS-61N Sea King, CP-140 Aurora, F-104 Star Fighter, MD-500, UH-1 Iroquois, B-206 (Bell), E-3A AWACS, F/FB/EF-111A/D, MH-53E Sea Stallion, B-212 (Bell), IA-63 (Dornier), T-38, and P-3C/P Orion and others.